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Educational Guidance

Career Guidance is timetabled weekly for all senior cycle students. During their time in school, the senior students will meet in groups and/or individually with the part time Guidance Counsellor to look at career options, opportunities and educational routes as part of their overall career planning.

The Career Guidance Programme is designed to support senior cycle students to:

  • Develop a self-awareness of their abilities and talents
  • Use career related information and sources appropriately
  • Make informed decisions about choosing LC subjects as well as educational options associated with their chosen career path and abilities


Individual Meetings for Students with Guidance Counsellor

If a student is struggling, and needs some support, they can self refer by requesting an appointment through school management or self-refer by email to Educational-vocational or social-personal issues are addressed by the part time Guidance Counsellor in a safe and caring environment whether in a one to one, small group or classroom setting.

All Leaving Certificate students are encouraged to attend 1-1 Career Guidance Consultation (CGC) appointment with the part time Guidance Counsellor. The educational and vocational options after Leaving Certificate are discussed as they transition from secondary school.


First Year Student Support

First year students will meet with the part time Guidance Counsellor in groups and/or individually throughout the year as part of our Wellbeing programme.


Transition Year Students Careers Class

Transition year students receive a weekly class where they receive advice regarding subject choices and how these choices may impact further learning and career opportunities. They complete work experience modules and they also get an opportunity to carry out the following:

  • Self-Awareness Skills- interest inventories and career values
  • Career Research & Investigation Skills – complete career exploration, attend career events if possible e.g. visiting career expert talks held at St. Paul’s, Galway Advertiser Pathways Career Exhibition and/or college taster days, or weekend college open days


Fifth Year & Sixth Year Students Careers Class

Classroom Guidance is delivered in a weekly class to Senior Cycle students.

The following topics are covered including:

  • Self-Awareness Skills- assessments on career interests, career values, multiple intelligence, learning styles and career/job profiles
  • Career Research & Investigation Skills – course and career investigations, online research skills, Options West Career Exhibition and college open day attendance at weekends
  • Career Management Skills – Application systems e.g. CAO, H-PAT, HEAR, DARE, Access, Student Finance options -SUSI, Scholarships, UK-UCAS and Eunicas-Europe life skills


St. Paul’s Secondary School uses the Reach+ Career & College Preparation Programme. Students are advised to regularly check this homepage for relevant, up-to-date information to assist them and their parents/guardians when they are making career decisions. There is a direct link to this homepage on the Website – Under the Curriculum tab, click on Guidance and Counselling. Registered students can use above Student Login option (top right hand corner) to log onto their career file.